Covid Creativity: 26Nov2020

by Elaine Delves

It is tough trying to maintain communication with my grandchildren during these very different times. I thought it would be fun to get together on Messenger once a week to paint, colour, draw or just be creative any way we can.

We all work on our various projects and chit chat at the same time.

This way we get to see one another, share what we have been doing all week long and support each other creatively.

The participants are my three grandchildren from Maxville: Calie aged (14), Morgan (9) and Adam aged (6); two of my grandchildren from Ile Bizard, QC: Keira (6) and Leia (2); also, my niece Shayla (22) from Lachine.

It is definitely not a class. Nobody teaches though we do exchange ideas. Originally when my daughter set it up on Messenger she called it Nana’s Art Class but I changed it to Nana’s Art Group. Not a very original name but it serves its purpose. We create AND connect.

Collectif members, send an image (or a few) of very recent work to with up to 100 words describing what you did, materials used, inspiration, etc. Maybe share how you’re feeling & how creativity helps. We’d like an informative, inspiring show & tell. Writers, send us poetry, lyrics, a short piece or excerpt.


  1. It’s so nice to see some of the results of your amazing “Nana’s Art Group”! I agree with Olga – some budding artists there for sure!!! Way to go, Elaine!


  2. Love how you stay connected with your grandkids through your passion for art.
    Wish there was a way to share virtual Playmobil or a Spiderman fascination 🙂


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