Covid Creativity: 18Nov2020

by Katie Ditschun

Last Christmas was a quiet holiday at my house. I listened to a lot of music over those few weeks. I’d also taken time to drive around admiring folk’s festive outdoor décor as well as the light display at Island Park in Alexandria. That combination inspired me to write a Christmas song.

So I did!  I wrote the song early in 2020, and performed it as a special preview to those who came out to be my audience in my “Here We Are” official video. I had planned to record it in the summer, but then COVID isolation and restrictions hit… 

In August (when restrictions loosened enough) I began the recording journey. After a couple arranging and pre-production meetings with my co-producer, Norm, we got into the studio in September and laid down all the tracks. It was my first time creating a string arrangement and I’m so proud of what we produced.

My goal with “Be Still” was to write and record a peaceful holiday song. I think I’ve done that. I’ve been inspired lately to write about the things we don’t see emphasized often–seeing the good all around us. I want to remind people that as we all struggle through our individual lives, there are wonderful and joyful things in life that connect us.

BE STILL ©2020 Music/Lyrics by Katherine Smith

Arranged/Produced by Normand Glaude and Katherine Smith

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Morning Anthem Studio, Cumberland, ON





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Be Still cover art

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  1. You have an amazing talent if you can write the lyrics, music and sing your own song! Sung beautifully! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!


  2. I love this song so much! I encourage everyone who sees this to SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!! And listen while shopping – you may just hear this beautiful number cheering the masses. So fabulous!


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