You can’t drive on empty: watching our peers

This recent article from painter’s Keys argues convincingly that we need to explore what others in our field are doing, to replenish our own creativity. Looking through the windows of others’ experience feeds us.

The article targets writers, but applies to other creatives too.

 “Writing takes gall. I like to think that’s true even for writers with several books under their belt, writers who have been doing it for years. It takes something – guts, gumption, self-delusion – to ask for a reader’s time when we all know there’s nothing new under the sun; that it’s all been said, or written, before.” (Rumaan Alam)

Window to My Right, acrylic on canvas by Bobi Leutschaft Poitras

One comment

  1. Hi Bobi, I love that painting, reminds me off are weekly Sketching group that I miss.
    I fell like that too when you think how many different Paintings are out there, what can you possibly paint that someone didn’t already painted, keep up the Great job, fells like a happy painting. 😁


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