Covid Creativity: follow-up to 2Aug2020

by Flip Flockton

The Cow’s Covid Caption Challenge!  (How’s that for alliteration?) 

Many thanks to those of you who contributed great topical and amusing captions. These, together with some suggestions from friends, are given below for your entertainment (in no order of ranking) for you to select your own favourite! 

  • “Wanna grab a couple of masks and take this party back to the barn?” 
  • “Excuse me, you need to keep your bestial distance”. 
  • “Moove over it’s a Pandemic”.  
  • “Two cows speaking moo-sly”.    
  • “Well, Mabel, stage 3 is coming up. It sure has been nice having the pasture all to            ourselves.”  
  • “Udder Delight!” 
  • “The mooovies? Udderly fantastic.” 
  • “Udderly fantastic, no bull.” 
  • “Unmasked covid “moo”ment” 
  • “Thank goodness we’re on the Canadian side of this fence!” 

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