Covid Creativity: 2Aug2020

By Flip Flockton

When Ontario announced Phase 2 of “opening up” from the Covid-19 lockdown, my mind began to wander…as it frequently does. 

First, I wondered what a group of thirteen ladies (to which I belong) would look like masked when we first met again.  Initially I planned to include a flag of their individual country or province of origin with which to identify them.  However, as is so often the case with ideas beyond my capability, I had to abandon this as the detailed shields on the Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario flags were so tiny I couldn’t squeeze them in!

Masked Gathering

Second, stories circulating of less-than-successful home haircuts and beard trimming during “lockdown” conjured up images of some of the challenges hairdressers would face as they prepared for the return of their clients. 

Hairdressers’ Challenge

And then the heatwave hit, and I started doodling and found I had two cows standing chatting to each other at a fence. But I needed a “covid-19” caption…and my mind went blank.  My challenge to all the writers in the Collective is to suggest just such a caption! [Send via Comments.]

Collectif members, send an image (or a few) of very recent work to with up to 100 words describing what you did, materials used, inspiration, etc. Maybe share how you’re feeling & how creativity helps. We’d like an informative, inspiring show & tell. Writers, send us poetry, lyrics, a short piece or excerpt.


  1. I love the variety of expressions, even when masked, of the ladies’ faces! The eyes are very expressive. The cows may very well be under the impression that “Cowvid 19” may be a movie about the udderly exciting adventures of a herd of 19 mooovie star cows.


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