Covid creativity: 30May2020

By Paulette Poirier

Greater free time allows for experimentation. Paulette has been trying different processes to develop varied works.

MacCrimmon Hall in MacCrimmon.  Oil on canvas, 14” x 11”

I took a photo towards the end of March 2020, at the end of the afternoon on a cold wet day. This painting resulted.

Leaves, Oil on canvas 18” x 14”

My granddaughter took a photo of a plant at home. Then I used part of it to illustrate these 2 leaves as my experiment trying my luck at getting away from the subject as much as I feel comfortable.

Oil wash & fine marker for accent & detail on 14” x 11” canvas

I’ve walked a lot in South Lancaster these last 2 months and taken many interesting photos of trees and tree trunks. This is what resulted.


  1. Hi Paulette…fascinated by your lovely tree trunk. Would like to know more about the technique you used. Flip (Flockton)


  2. Hi Flip, thanks for your comment, the tree trunk exercise was a lot of fun of trial and error which I started to get my grandkids interested in possibilities of seeing faces in a tree trunk and giving it character based on how you happen to be feeling, mind you I’m not sure they enjoyed it as much as I did. I used oil paint and lots of paint thinner to make a wash of my intended colors. Used my dirty paper towel to smudge here and there and it was dry in no time so I finished it off with a fine marker to give it that ‘pen and ink’ feel.


  3. Love the tree face! And ” Leaves” is a beautiful and balanced composition. You have used admirable restraint in the use of colour….something that is not always easy to do.


  4. Paulette, these works are fabulous. I also like the very subtle use of colour, and those leaves look like I could pick them up off the page. Thanks for sharing!


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