Art for everybody: freebies!

Thanks to Alison Hall for sharing this: resources for front-line workers, kids, procrastinators. These are stressful times, but no one is feeling it more than the healthcare and essential workers responding to the coronavirus outbreak. We’re deeply thankful, and want to do what we can to support their incredible efforts. 

If you make art, you know it can be incredibly calming — let’s share that with workers on the front lines. 

Now essential workers can get free lifetime access to a foundational Sketchbook Skool art course. Learn more on the Coronavirus Creativity Guide.

Not an essential worker but know someone who is? Please share this resource and help us give away hundreds of courses.

More Free Creative Resources
Check out the Art for All podcast for advice to help you stop procrastinating and start making more.

NYT illustrator Wendy MacNaughton is hosting live drawing classes for kids and parentsdaily at 1pm ET. 

Danny talks about overcoming perfectionism and your inner critic in Wednesday’s #sbsdrawingparty. 

Join a technical color theory class focusing on acrylic paints with Certified Golden Artist Educator Sally Lynn MacDonald this Saturday at 4pm ET.

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