WOW! Community recognition :)

We’ve received this year’s Community Excellence Award as a Friend of Community Living Glengarry, for “setting the bar high. . . assisting people to exercise their rights and have a true sense of empowerment.”

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CAGAC president, Bobi Leutschaft Poitras, leads a weekly art class of enthusiastic students at Community Living: seven of these artists took part in The Show at Brent’s Place, because art is for everyone! They also generated the first–& several–art sales at the event. They’ll be back for The Show at Brent’s Place in February 2020.

The Collective delights in being part of Glengarry–it’s in our name! We make many kinds of art accessible in our community, in multiple ways:

  • Murals. Three projects (so far) beautify our public spaces.
  • Exhibitions, readings, workshops & events sharing culture with members & the public.
  • The ArtBank–making visual art available to businesses, free.
  • Members teach art, photography, writing &/or music. Teaching contributes to being a professional artist, along with exhibiting/reading/performing.
  • In spring, several members met with the GDHS Art Club, sharing insights & techniques.

We seek out opportunities to share our passion!

CAGAC Mission
The Collectif d’artistes de Glengarry Artists’ Collective [CAGAC] is a not-for-profit assembly of artists engaging with residents to create community-building programs & significant personal & community growth.



  1. This is fantastic. We’re getting everywhere. Well done to everybody involved. Your efforts have been invaluable.


    • The Glengarry Artist’ Collective has made such amazing contributions to our North and South Glengarry communities. Congratulations on a well deserved award!


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