Want to be part of an international fibre arts project?

Tapestry of Spirit is an ambitious & inclusive social project to cross-stitch the first five books of the Bible–as well as selections from the Scriptures & Qur’an–reflecting on the theme of creation.

About 95% has been completed by 1450 stitchers in 28 countries. The project is currently on exhibit at Toronto’s Textile Museum. You could help complete it.


The Project.      Stitchers register & contribute $18 to receive all the materials & an individually formatted template of their Hebrew text block. They work with rigorous precision on a blank canvas. Each panel requires 50-100 hours of exacting work. A personal coach is assigned to every stitcher & the process is further supported by a comprehensive website & periodic newsletters.

Although embellishments beyond the text are entirely optional, many stitchers choose to illuminate their panels.

There are about 55 text sections remaining, & Collective members are very welcome to register. For more information &/or to register, visit: https://torahstitchbystitch.org/stitch/

(Thanks to Leonard Thévenot for introducing us to this project & its organizer, Temma Gentles.)

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