But wait . . . there’s more!!!

We just issued a post about the Tapestry of Spirit, and the universe went wild!!

Get this:

  • A donor–who wishes to remain anonymous–will underwrite the $18 fee for five Collective members to take part. The donor recognizes the myth of the starving artist isn’t always so far from the truth. Contact cagac.ca@gmail.com for details, with Tapestry in the subject line.
  • This project is not just for expert stitchers: many folks learn as they go–so maybe you should consider a commitment to a different art form?
  • The Toronto Star is running a story about the project: see more here.
    • Their piece has a Bainsville connection, as well as a link to the Quilt of Belonging.

Your Collective–on the cutting edge of life & art!


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