What should I (write, paint, draw, cook, photograph, sew, weld) now?!?

The blank screen/canvas/page/plate/mind is a fearsome thing. Or can be.

Here is a worthwhile suggestion to get those wheels grinding. What do you do to think up, develop & store creative ideas for your art form? Share in the comments section. It is all grist for the business of art.

As ever, our thanks to the Genn family for permission to use these very relevant posts.

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 15.27.32

One comment

  1. I’ve recently been working on abstracts – something I have not previously been able to do. (they always turned into landscapes – I could always find a river in there somewhere 🙂 My ‘breakthrough’ was working to a theme. I brainstormed with myself all the words that went with that theme. Then I began making marks on canvases and kept making marks and colour strokes etc until one of the theme words started to emerge. Then I built from there.


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