Story Walk on Glengarry Trails: Seeking Writers Now, Artists Soon!

Be part of a community project based on original writing & artwork to enhance the FGTA boardwalk–a co-production with Friends of the Glengarry Trails Association (FGTA), Glengarry Encore Education (Encore) & CAGAC.

Location: Starting at Lochiel Street West boardwalk, 10 story panels will be installed on the Glengarry Trails. 

Story Panels: Posts & holders will be made of metal & fabricated so stories can be changed periodically. The stories will be printed on UV-cured panels 18 x 24 inches. These will be covered by Lexan (a clear protective sheet). FGTA hopes to have a collection of stories so panels can be changed periodically.

Story Description: The story must fit on 10 panels: 9 for the story & 1 for the title & credits for writer(s) & artist(s). Story should have a primary school reading level: suggest not above grade 4.  It can be English or French: with authors’ permission, we expect to translate the story so panels will be bilingual.

We are looking for original stories by local writers who wish to share their work with the public. We envision stories based on local history, people or events, plants or animals.

Illustrations: After the story has been written & approved for the story walk, it will be given to artists/illustrator(s) to prepare the story for publication. 

Time Line: The story walk will be installed by May 2020, to be included in the facelift at Lochiel Street West.

Plans for the trails at Lochiel Street include:

  • Replacing the boardwalk,
  • Make both ends of boardwalk wheelchair accessible,
  • Upgrading the trail into the forest to make it accessible,
  • Adding a bench in the forest,
  • Include a story walk to begin at the Lochiel Street access & end in the woods.

This project has a 14-month timeline, but the sooner started the better!

Various Media on Canvas, Paper, Board by Yvonne Callaway Smith


  1. Currently some writers from my Creative Writing course are collaborating on a story featuring nature and a special Glengarry hero… Helena McCuaig, of Encore and the of Glengarry Trails, hopes eventually to have several stories for the Story Walk, so this could easily be an ongoing project that lasts for several years. It’s a great idea and we hope to encourage more children to read, appreciate the artful illustrations, and explore the lovely trails.


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