Multi media artist!

Painter member Janet Harris Timms performs with Lakeshore Light Opera, a group producing full-length Gilbert & Sullivan comic operas annually. These full productions with professional orchestra, sets, lighting & amazing costumes are entertaining & also support health care in the West Island.

This year: the Canadian premiere of Thespis, the little-known first collaboration between Gilbert & Sullivan.  (Synopsis below.)  Janet plays Diana, goddess of the moon.

Performances at Lakeside Academy in Lachine, Qc on:

Fri Mar 8                     8:00 pm

Sat  Mar 9                   8:00 pm 

Sun Mar 10                 2:00 pm   

Thurs Mar 14              8:00 pm

Fri Mar 15                   8:00 pm 

Sat Mar 16                  2:00 pm

Tickets $21-$29. Details at .  Or call box office at 514.804.4900.


The gods have grown old, they’re tired of ruling, they don’t get no respect & the great days of human sacrifices are over. Even animal sacrifices have fallen off & are now reduced to (gasp!) tins of Spam! Why? They haven’t a clue.

Enter a gaggle of actors who just happen to be picnicking on the slopes of Olympus. The gods decide to do a little market research below while taking a much-needed holiday, & conscript the actors to take their places & duties. No problem, says Thespis, leader of the troupe. But be warned, says Jupiter, the price of failure is that Thespis will be constituted as ‘Father of the Drama’ & held accountable for everything that every author may write for ages to come.

As those unfit for any office quickly learn, the actors soon find their charges & duties are not as easy as they appear…

Thespis Face book v2-1

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