Why & what we paint

“I don’t like this word abstract… but I use it because people… have an idea what I’m talking about.” (Robert Ryman)

This quote accompanies an intriguing article about why & what we paint. It has insights about one artist developing his practice. [Spoiler alert: be willing to try something different, be open to ideas.]

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 15.27.32

Part 15, 1993, oil on canvas by Robert Ryman

Thanks again to Sara Genn & the team at The Painter’s Keys for permission to share articles.




  1. I get The Painter’s Keys myself and read this article this morning with interest. Ryman limited himself to working with white (which would be anathema to me, as I live for colour), but it’s fascinating to read about what caught his imagination and initiated his painting practice.


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