A Meetings of Minds

More than 30 members attended the January Coffee House, despite the blustery weather.
Folks were on board with the Members’ Show & Tell: it was great! Some read their non-fiction or poetry. Others shared pointers about composition in sculpture or discussed inspiration for photographs, paintings, sketches. Most explained how they came to produce what they did.


Brenda Kennedy, assisted by a living easel, discussed her oil painting Passoire, while sporting the objet as . . . a thinking cap?
Thanks to member Barb Lehtiniemi for the candid shot.
Next Coffee House is Wednesday, 20 March at 7 p.m. at the Sandfield Centre. The scheduled topic is The Business of Art, with a guest speaker from the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre.
Learn compelling reasons to think of yourself as a small business. Understand why we give you receipts for membership & shows!
Before that, see you at Brent’s in February: 28 have already registered. Registration deadline is 2 February with fee of $20/artist, 4 works/artist.


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