Happy New Year and 3 Calls for Entry!

And may 2019 see many of you participate in these three upcoming CAGAC art shows!

The Show: At Brent’s Place 2019, Alexandria

Friday 22 February, 18:00-21:00 Wine & Cheese

Saturday 23 February, 9:00-13:00 Coffee with the Arts

Yep, we’re doing it again!

A 2-day exhibit at Brent’s Place (Glengarry Funeral Home.)

  • Registration deadline: 2 February 2018 with fee
  • Cost: $20/artist
  • Details: 4 works/artist. Original work only: no copies
  • Size: Minimum 8×10” Maximum 30×40”

Writers’ Call for Entry for The Show: At Brent’s Place

This year celebrating writer members at The Show: At Brent’s Place. Two ways to take part with up to five submissions.

  1. Submit original short (one-page, Verdana 14 pt) framed piece(s): no registration fee
    • Create a very short story, poem or written work on one page inserted in a standing frame
    • Include title & author’s name
    • Works will be distributed on tables, mantlepieces, window sills


  1. Submit a Drabble, maximum 50 words of original creativity: no registration fee
    • These bon mots will be projected on screens throughout the venue
    • Send your email to cagac.ca@gmail.com with the subject line, Words for Brent’s by 12 February 2019.

You can make up to five submissions in total: two one-pagers & three electronic shorties.


  • To engage our audience works must be Original (no copies of elements or whole works by others)
  • We reserve the right to decline items not deemed appropriate.

Feghoot (also known as a story pun or poetic story joke) is a humorous short story or vignette ending in a pun (typically a play on a well-known phrase) where the story contains sufficient context to recognize the punning humor. It can be considered a type of shaggy dog story. Wikipedia.

Flash fiction is a fictional work of extreme brevity that still offers character & plot development. … Some commentators have suggested that flash fiction possesses a unique literary quality, in its ability to hint at or imply a larger story.Wikipedia

drabble is a short work of fiction of one hundred words in length. The purpose of the drabble is brevity, testing the author’s ability to express interesting & meaningful ideas in a confined space. Wikipedia


Glengarry Nor’Westers and Loyalist Museum, Williamstown

18 May – 16 June 2019


One-month exclusive exhibit in a different town!

Smaller venue so limit on quantities & size.

  • Registration deadline: 1 May 2019 with fee
  • Cost: $20/artist.
  • Details: 2 works/artist. Original work only: no copies
  • Size: Minimum 8×10” Maximum 24×36”

page1image42865920The Glengarry Pioneer Museum, Dunvegan

6 – 14 July 2019

Exclusive to Collective members: a 9-day show.

  • Registration deadline: 15 June 2019 with fee
  • Cost: $20/artist
  • Details: 2 works/artist. Original work only, no copies
  • Size: Minimum 8×10” No maximum



  • We’re been invited farther afield in Glengarry to venues of limited size, we also have more members so submission numbers are also limited.
  • To engage our audience works must be:
    • Original (no copies of elements or whole works by others
    • Never before seen in a Collective show. Meaning these three shows each need different work!!
  • The Board reserves the right to decline items not deemed appropriate – being respectful to host sites.
  • Works must be prepared for hanging as explained in CAGAC Hanging Instructions.
  • Works will be included based on number of participants & space available.

Details to follow. Start creating!


      • Not really different, last year, if a client wanted to purchase and were from out of town, the Art piece was taken down – no issues. This year like last, this is of course possible, and like last year, we ask, if possible for the more local clients, to keep the piece on display until the end of the show (which only lasts a week).


  1. With regards to “Details: 4 works/artist. Original work only: no copies
    I am a photographer and a painter… are you accepting photographs? What details do I need about with regards to photographs? Thanking you in advancd for your assistance.


    • I’m a photographer too so yes of course “prints” are our medium and I will fight for us!! ;-). The idea here was (if I understand correctly) to avoid the prints (copies) of paintings to be displayed for sale. Having said this, I agree that this will eventually turn into a much bigger grey area !


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