Useful art tips: a miscellany on the business of art

Wondering how to sign your paintings? This brief article may help.

Many folks are foxed by colour mixing. This video can help. His voice is grating but a good discussion of warm vs cool colours.

363 Deconstruction. 16" X 12" Acrylic on Canvas by Yvonne Callaway.

From Huffington Post a solid summary on ethics in the arts. Here’s a key excerpt:

Using Other People’s Images.    An ongoing problem, which has increased dramatically because of the Internet, is that artists use other people’s images without giving the artist any credit, or not changing the image enough to make it distinct from the original. Copyright infringement is actually quite serious, so if you are not sure of what is legal and what is not, be sure to check out the GYST copyright section.

Also, while not illegal, making work that looks like someone else’s is unethical. Sometimes this happens unknowingly. But, if you saw a great image in Artforum, and then you remade it as your own, you are charging into unethical territory. It is, of course, permissible to give homage to another artist and to demonstrate your influences, but be aware of the grey areas of appropriation.

Finally, though the narrator’s  voice is a little sleep inducing, she offers a concise  overview of art history, artists & brush strokes.  Worth while!

The Early Masters

The 19thCentury

The Modern Era

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