Yep–that’s a WOW!

Sunshine, gentle breezes, goodly crowds & smokin’ hot jazz from Impromptu made for an energetic opening for WOW’s one-month run. Township representation was there in Carma Williams, Jeff Manley and Brian Caddell. Media noticed too!

WOW 2018
WOW 2018

Importantly, the community showed their appreciation by presence & promos: Michelle DaPrato & Serge Bellefeuille chalked a congratulatory sign onto the sidewalk in front of the business they’re revamping. on Main Street.


The 165+ works in the windows  are disparate, interesting, intriguing, historical, whimsical. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite. Ballots and ballot boxes are available along the art trail.


One comment

  1. Thats a pretty cool chalk design, and right across the street from the ceremonies…very nice. Their facade uplift is looking great also, along with several other buildings… so things they are a changing !


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