Stuart McCormick Exhibition

On July 4th, 2018, Collectif d’artistes de Glengarry Artists’ Collective [CAGAC] offered an exhibition, presentation & reception celebrating one of the county’s renowned artists, Stuart McCormick.

Born in 1905, McCormick was a prolific, self-taught painter. For 40 years he created an artistic record of the Glengarry landscape.  He was commissioned in 1959 to create paintings of the Long Sault Rapids for the opening of the Cornwall Hydro Dam: one was presented to Queen Elizabeth at the official opening. However, shy Stuart did not attend the handover.

More than 50 paintings, drawings & preparatory sketches by McCormick were on display. Visitors learned about McCormick’s work by mingling with art enthusiasts, friends, fans & McCormick family members.

Later in the evening, Glengarry County Archivist Allan J. MacDonald – a McCormick fan – shared a brief history & anecdotes of this colourful artist.


  1. Sorry you missed it but we did advertise as much as we could (on our very limited budget). With this new Collective website, and you following it, you will not miss any further news or advertisements about events in the future! Welcome aboard!


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