The Murals

muralsqThis mural, situated at the corner of Highways 34 & 43, represents the work of 34 members who participated in WOW2.eau, a 2018 challenge to CAGAC members to represent water in its many forms. The 42 works were then professionally photographed & assembled.

The mural was made possible in part through the Community Grants Program of the Township of North Glengarry, the support of local artists & business owners who contributed materials, expertise and/or donated their time.

It is also the first of a few installed or planned for the county.

8 Murals installed

This shot shows the five mini-murals created by students of Alexandria’s three elementary & two high schools at the invitation of CAGAC.

More murals are in the planning stages.

One comment

  1. So many people have mentioned how beautiful our mural is, and I, myself, am delighted with how well it turned out. The arrangement of the paintings and the vibrancy of the colour exceed my expectations. Spectacular!


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